Exploring Vancouver’s Streets and Eats: a Perfect Blend
July 12, 2016
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July 12, 2016

From beautiful victorian buildings, galleries and museums to the numerous bars & restaurants the city of Gastown, Vancouver BC is filled with tourist attractions. But if you don’t know the place well or haven’t done any research beforehand, it can be hard to cover all the destinations.

However, no matter how tight your budget or schedule is, make sure you include these 8 must see Gastown attractions in your itinerary.

Gastown Steam Clock

Gastown Steam Clock

1. Gastown Steam Clock

The Gastown Steam Clock is a timeless crowd-pleaser and actually runs on steam. There are hardly any steam clocks left in the world. And this is one of them!

The Steam Clock shows the time on four faces and blows steam and whistles every fifteen minutes.

2. Blood Alley

blood alley

Blood Alley in Gastown

You might hear weird stories about Blood Alley and about how it used to be home to a lot of butcher shops. And while cleaning out the shops at the end of the day the alley would look like a path made of blood.

I don’t know if all that is true but I do know that now blood alley hosts some of the finest restaurants and shops in the town.

Definitely worth a visit.

3. Waterfront Station

The Waterfront station, built in 1914, is at a walking distance from gastown. Here you can take skytrains that are just as fun to ride as they’re to watch. The station has a Victorian feel to it and has gorgeous architecture.

Waterfront Station in Vancouver, BC

Waterfront Station in Vancouver, BC

Steamworks4. Steamworks

Located at the edge of Gastown, Steamworks Brewing Company is a pub/brewery where you’ll get Vancouver’s freshest beers.

Fun fact: They use steam to fire their kettles.

5. Window Shopping

Gastown ranks 4th on Complex.com’s list of the 50 most stylish neighborhoods in the world. Even though it’s more prominently known for men’s shopping there is one store that deserves a special mention – The Window Community Art Shop.

Fluevog Shoe Store

Fluevog Shoe Store

It is a non-profit store that curates artifacts and wares made by local artists. For more on shopping check out this guide.

Gassy Jack 6. Gassy Jack Statue

This statue is an important feature of Gastown’s history because the town basically gets its name from John Deighton (aka Gassy Jack) who was the first to open a saloon in this area.

If you’re interested, the website, gassyjack.com is dedicated to the man.

7. NitelifePortside Pub in Gastown

Aside from the historical significance and men’s shopping, Gastown is famous for its happening nightlife.

If I had to recommend you one good nightclub to make your night come alive, I’d suggest you go to The Portside Pub! It’s a multi-level establishment that looks like the inside of a large ship and is known for its wide selection of craft beer and friendly service.

Street8. Taste Vancouver Food Tours

Ten tastings in 2.5 hours plus tons of history, laughs, and interaction between guests.

If you love food, and you can’t decide where to eat, or you decide you’d like to try everything – join us on a food tour of Gastown. We have a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor and our tour is perfect for couples, groups, and families. Click here to book a tour!


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