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Best Gastown Restaurants for Group Dining

Multi-Cultural Group Of Friends Enjoying Night Out Eating Meal And Drinking In Restaurant Together

Gastown offers several restaurants that are well-suited for group dining, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply gathering with friends and family. Here are some of the best Gastown restaurants for group dining:

MeeT in Gastown – This vegetarian restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, along with a menu that caters to a variety of dietary preferences. They have a spacious dining area that can accommodate larger groups. Location Map

The Flying Pig – This gastropub-style restaurant features a menu of comforting and flavorful dishes, including shared plates and family-style options. They have a welcoming ambiance and can accommodate groups of various sizes. Location Map

Tacofino – Known for their delicious tacos and Mexican-inspired cuisine, Tacofino has a vibrant and casual atmosphere that is perfect for group dining. They offer shared platters and a variety of options to cater to different tastes. Location Map

L’Abattoir – This upscale French-inspired restaurant offers a private dining room that can accommodate larger groups for an intimate and exclusive dining experience. Their menu features elegant dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Location Map

Bambudda – This Chinese-inspired restaurant has a cozy and stylish ambiance, making it an excellent choice for group dining. They offer a variety of dishes that can be shared and enjoyed together. Location Map

The Irish Heather – This traditional Irish pub has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a separate dining room that can be reserved for larger groups. They serve hearty and flavorful pub-style dishes. Location Map

Wildebeest – This farm-to-table restaurant offers a rustic and inviting space, making it ideal for group dining. Their menu features shared plates and family-style options made with locally sourced ingredients. Location Map

When planning a group dining experience, it’s recommended to call ahead and make a reservation to ensure availability and accommodate any specific requirements.