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Gastown Restaurants With Fireplaces

glass of cognac in front of fireplace

Gastown, Vancouver offers several cozy restaurants that feature fireplaces, providing a warm and inviting ambiance. Here are some Gastown restaurants with fireplaces:

The Irish Heather – This traditional Irish pub features a fireplace that adds to its cozy and rustic atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a pint of beer or a hearty meal while sitting near the fireplace.

The Flying Pig – This gastropub-style restaurant has a fireplace in its dining area, creating a comfortable and intimate setting. Guests can gather around the fireplace while savoring their meal.

Pourhouse – Pourhouse features a fireplace that adds a touch of warmth and charm to its vintage-inspired interior. The fireplace enhances the cozy ambiance, making it an excellent choice for a relaxing dining experience.

The Diamond – Although primarily known as a cocktail bar, The Diamond has a fireplace that contributes to its intimate and cozy atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy a craft cocktail or a glass of wine in a relaxed setting.

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie – Bao Bei has a fireplace in its dining area, creating a cozy and intimate environment. Guests can enjoy their modern Chinese dishes while being surrounded by the warm glow of the fireplace.

Wildebeest – Wildebeest features a fireplace that adds to its rustic and inviting atmosphere. Guests can cozy up near the fireplace while enjoying the restaurant’s farm-to-table cuisine.

These Gastown restaurants provide a fireplace as part of their dining experience, offering a cozy and comforting setting for guests to enjoy their meal and relax. It’s always a good idea to check with the restaurant beforehand to ensure that the fireplace is in operation during your visit.